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Survival Prayer

There are two things that Job has exceeding dislike for: 1) getting his diaper changed and 2) having his face washed.  On Sunday morning, as we got ready for church, I was trying to dress him, change his diaper, and … Continue reading

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This Mother’s Mind

You probably already know that I’m pregnant and very close to delivering!  My due date is the 17th, so any day now.  I have so many mixed emotions, like looking forward to the fact that Job will have a playmate, … Continue reading

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Learning to Give All of Me

As some of you know, I’ve been on an organizing spree (see No More Super Mom) in an effort to squeeze a little extra time out of my day.  Yesterday morning as I dressed Job and readied myself for church, … Continue reading

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When Hollywood Inspires…

One of the amazing benefits of living with my sister-in-law and her family for the summer is that I have an “insta-babysitter.”  Of course I also become her “insta-babysitter”, but that’s okay, I’ve got to build some good karma.  With … Continue reading

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My Motherhood Dream

Today is just one of those days where I feel out of sorts and rather grumpy, though I don’t have anything in particular to blame for my mood.  I just feel cross at Job for being fussy, I feel cross … Continue reading

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Heart-to-Heart Chat

When I first started writing this blog I began with the desire to post at least three times a week.  No really, it’s not a joke, that was my aspiration.  Obviously, reality quickly sunk in and I tweeked my aspiration … Continue reading

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My Little Pep Talk

As Mother’s Day approaches I find myself thinking “oh yeah, now I get to be celebrated at that holiday too.  Cool”.  Yet, after 8 months, it still does not seem real that I am a mother.  It’s just so…grownup…and so … Continue reading

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