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Prayers for an Angry Heart

When my second son was born, just 18 months after my first son, I was not expecting to feel like I needed to sign up for anger management classes. Oh yes, I had plenty of warning from people who had … Continue reading

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Sleep, Baby, Sleep!

As I’ve joined the ranks of moms, I’ve found that there are several issues at the forefront of many moms’ minds.  The issue of babies sleeping.  Or rather, the lack of babies sleeping. A good night’s sleep is essential.  We … Continue reading

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Finally, a Post!

Hurray!  After being away from my blog for about three months, I finally made it back. I just wanted to share what has been going on in our home for the past three months.  You all probably know that we … Continue reading

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Coble Family Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, mostly because things have been so crazy in our home that I’ve felt like my head isn’t screwed on tightly enough to be able to assemble 500 words into an intelligible post.  … Continue reading

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The Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

The other day I was reading about how a mom wished that there was some kind of “life” manual that could be handed down from mother to daughter, through the generations.  In it would be favorite recipes, budgeting tips, medicinal … Continue reading

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Learning to Give All of Me

As some of you know, I’ve been on an organizing spree (see No More Super Mom) in an effort to squeeze a little extra time out of my day.  Yesterday morning as I dressed Job and readied myself for church, … Continue reading

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No More Super Mom

I don’t know if its okay to review and recommend a book before you’ve finished reading it, but I’ve been so encouraged by this book so far that I couldn’t help myself! The book “The Busy Mom’s Guide to a … Continue reading

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