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Prayers for an Angry Heart

When my second son was born, just 18 months after my first son, I was not expecting to feel like I needed to sign up for anger management classes. Oh yes, I had plenty of warning from people who had … Continue reading

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Sleep, Baby, Sleep!

As I’ve joined the ranks of moms, I’ve found that there are several issues at the forefront of many moms’ minds.  The issue of babies sleeping.  Or rather, the lack of babies sleeping. A good night’s sleep is essential.  We … Continue reading

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So Much to Write

As I go through my day, I find myself thinking in Facebook and blog posts.  I’ll do an art project with Job and find myself summarizing the disaster in a one line Facebook post.  Or I’ll be washing dishes and … Continue reading

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Easiest Breakfast Ever

Growing up, the world’s worst breakfast was oatmeal.  Once a week my mom served up oatmeal.  The texture, the taste, the smell, ewww, really there was nothing I could like about oatmeal.  Thankfully my mom let us mix in yogurt … Continue reading

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Survival Prayer

There are two things that Job has exceeding dislike for: 1) getting his diaper changed and 2) having his face washed.  On Sunday morning, as we got ready for church, I was trying to dress him, change his diaper, and … Continue reading

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Finally, a Post!

Hurray!  After being away from my blog for about three months, I finally made it back. I just wanted to share what has been going on in our home for the past three months.  You all probably know that we … Continue reading

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This Mother’s Mind

You probably already know that I’m pregnant and very close to delivering!  My due date is the 17th, so any day now.  I have so many mixed emotions, like looking forward to the fact that Job will have a playmate, … Continue reading

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