So Much to Write

As I go through my day, I find myself thinking in Facebook and blog posts.  I’ll do an art project with Job and find myself summarizing the disaster in a one line Facebook post.  Or I’ll be washing dishes and find myself thinking out a blog post “The best method I’ve learned about keeping a clean kitchen is to…”.  I really thought that my problem was 1) I was too addicted to Facebook and 2) I was too full of myself, always thinking of things to tell people in my blog.

That was how I felt until I met another woman who has the same blog posting and Facebook statusing running through her head.  But instead of confessing her obsession as an issue that needed therapy, she pointed out that she does this because she is a writer.

As this truth sunk in, relief flooded my mind.  I am constantly thinking in terms of translating experiences into written words because I too am a writer.  I know that I may not be the best writer out there, but I do know that God has given me a talent for communicating through letters typed out on my keyboard and then arranged into words on my computer screen.

For several months I’ve struggled with what to do with my blog.  I really enjoy writing and sharing things that I’ve learned.  But there are so many blogs out in cyber space already, that I felt silly sharing my corner of the world.  Anything that I have to say, has probably already been said on three other blogs somewhere else.  “Why bother”, I’ve thought to myself.

And now I know why to bother.  Because I have a need to write.  Words endlessly fill my mind throughout the day.  Anything I experience in 24 hours, whether it be folding laundry, doing my quiet time, or talking to my husband, gets translated into either a blog post or a Facebook post in my head.  It’s not because I’m addicted, its because I have a talent.  This is how God has wired my brain.

Just writing this all out is a relief.  I feel the pressure in my mind easing as I let the words out onto this virtual paper.   And I have made a decision regarding my blog.

While I would love to have an audience following my blog, I realize that I have quite a bit of competition in the blogging world.  But ultimately it doesn’t matter if people read my posts or not.  What matters is that I can express my God-given talent.  And if people read my writing, that is the icing on the cake.  So my decision is that I’m going to write.  Whatever, whenever, wherever-in my bed, in my head, or while playing ball down the hall.

I am truly  excited.  Before, I was blogging because I liked it, but honestly I felt kind of dumb posting my thoughts.  Now I am writing because I am passionate about writing.  If you read along with me, then bless you, bless you, bless you for taking the time to read my thoughts.  And if no one reads me, then praise God for the opportunity to write and express.

Blogging world, whether you ever know about me or not, here I come!

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3 Responses to So Much to Write

  1. middlesister960 says:

    So excited for you! 🙂 I had to come to this conclusion, also, with my blog and other writing I do. I LOVE journaling, writing, and just getting my thoughts out on paper (or on the computer screen) and I know that many people don’t read what I write, but I am totally okay with that! I love looking back at where God has taken me over the past few years that I’ve been blogging so even if it’s just me looking back on it, that is totally okay! I’m just glad that God has given us this opportunity to grow and write!


  2. Diana says:

    How inspiring! I gotta write something now….

  3. Aprille says:

    I could have written this post! I have a small blog with very few followers but I love writing…am a FB addict and often think in status updates. I recently sat down and figured out WHY I love blogging so much and what it’s purpose is in my life. I hope you will check it out!

    Linking up from MOB.

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