Finally, a Post!

Hurray!  After being away from my blog for about three months, I finally made it back.

I just wanted to share what has been going on in our home for the past three months.  You all probably know that we had a baby boy on March 21st!  Peter was due on March 17th, and as the days passed, I was getting more and more anxious to have this baby!  On March 20th, Brandon suggested we get spicy food for dinner, so we went to a local Indian restaurant.  That night my water broke!

Labor and delivery went really smoothly, praise God. Thank you everyone for all your prayers.

Now, three months later, Peter loves to smile when we smile at him, and he loves to “sing” to us from his little bouncy seat or in his bed.  Sometimes he even sings himself to sleep (rest assured, I don’t have the perfect baby, usually he cries himself to sleep).  Peter is fussier than Job was, which has been a big struggle for me as I’m not that good at soothing him, and I get frustrated pretty fast.

I am looking forward to this month especially because at three months babies seem to start showing more life and personality!

Peter is pretty tough, though, as his big brother has already tried to feed him peanut butter and Chex cereal as well as share his sippy cup with him.  I’ve also caught Job just as he was about to tackle Peter for a brotherly wrestling match.

Peter is already outgrowing Job.  He hasn’t been to the doctor in a while, but he is already in size two diapers and I’m guessing he is about 13 pounds, whereas Job was just 15 pounds at his six month doctor’s appointment!

Job is almost two and growing horizontally.  At his last checkup, he was in “less than the 5%” for height and in almost the 60% for weight.  He’s going to be a line backer (I think that is the proper football position…this momma still has a lot to learn about “guy stuff”)!

Brandon finished his second year of college two weeks ago and started his job at the BLM.  So far all he has been doing is training videos, some of which sound like they are pretty painful.  Like they had to watch a video where the actor just read the power point slides.  But he figures he is getting paid for it, so he won’t complain too much!  His training should be over at the end of this week and then he can start doing some more interesting work.  He is working with the water division of the BLM.  There is a fancy word for it, but I can’t think of it at the moment.

I’m doing (mostly) well.  Peter has slept through the night for five nights in a row now, so I’m really hoping we rounded a corner.  Up until last week I was just barely holding it together, I was so tired from being up mutliple times in the night, and naps during the day only seemed to help a little bit.  I have been learning a ton in the last few months, more than I ever thought I would learn from introducing one little baby into our home…. Hopefully I will be able to share some of what I’ve learned in the coming weeks.  One thing that I’ve learned is to let go of my agenda, because some days it’s safer for everyone if I just sit on the floor and play with Job while holding Peter, so that’s why I say “hopefully”.

On a sunrise hike date with Brandon-Brandon’s family was at our home watching our kids for us!

We are all a little sad (Peter and Job are sad even if they don’t realize it;-) that we aren’t able to come out to Colorado this summer.  You may have noticed my Facebook post that we are freezing up here in Oregon, today when I checked the weather at 10:30, it was only 47 degrees out.  So if any of you need to escape the heat, you can come visit us!

Well that is a brief summary of our family, thanks so much for reading!  Hope to see you all next week.

On a mini vacation to the Redwoods two weeks ago.

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3 Responses to Finally, a Post!

  1. Janet A. says:

    Love all the photos of your growing family! ((((HUGS)))) to ALL.

  2. Marilyn Moll says:

    I LOVE seeing my grandsons grow up even if it has to be via blog posts!

  3. karen says:

    The boys look different even from a month ago-I know what you mean about sometimes just sitting and playing with the kids is the safest. I remember playing with our kids ALOT! Nice thing about that is you don’t miss any of the neat things they do for the first time. I think often of you, Laura and how wonderful you made our week with you guys.. thanks alot. Mom

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