Freezer Cooking Plan-Dinners, and a Confession

Now that I am 9 months pregnant, I can definitely feel my energy starting to wane.  Actually, not starting to wane, more like, I am coming to grips with the reality that my energy has been fading for the past few weeks.  For the most part, I’ve felt pretty energetic during this pregnancy, but in the last two weeks, I feel like it has taken all my energy just to muster up some energy.

I find this feeling incredibly frustrating because my mind is constantly humming with things to do, places to go, and projects to start.  If I try to lay down to take a nap, my mind immediately begins listing out all the other things I could be doing.  Truthfully, I’ve been convicted that I make an idol out of my “to-do” list, and obsessing about getting more and more done.  I desperately want to be one of those ladies who seems like they do it all…they have 5 kids, they homeschool, they run a business, and they still have time for DIY projects.   I guess to me, women like that just seem to be so together, they have boundless energy, they are fun and interesting, they are organized, and they just…seem to be able to do anything.  I know that if I was to sit down with one of these ladies that I would find out that they have their struggles, but it’s hard to remember that when all you see is the nicely done makeup, the freshly washed hair, the cute outfit, and the calm kids, while I’m in my work-out outfit with stringy-not-freshly-washed hair and a cranky toddler.

As I’ve felt less and less energetic, I’ve felt more and more frustrated with myself for not getting everything on my to-do list completed.  I was really hoping to have my baby gift sets completed at least two weeks ago and have an Etsy shop up and running, but I’m afraid that I haven’t gotten much further than when I last blogged about my project.  I was hoping to…well, it doesn’t really matter what all I was hoping to have done, the point is, that I don’t have it all done, and I am trying to accept the fact that it’s okay, and that it is also okay that these things probably won’t be getting done in the near future.  Perhaps I could be more organized, perhaps I could be more disciplined, but the truth is, I’m doing the best that I know how right now, and being frustrated with myself for not getting more done doesn’t magically give me more energy to get those things done!

As I’ve felt convicted about my to-do list obsession, I’ve also felt convicted to confess to you, my dear readers, that sometimes I think I put up a show that I’m more together than I really am.  I think because I have a hard time accepting myself for who I am, not the perfectly put together woman, I try to make myself appear more on top of things than I really am.  I don’t know if I ever come across that way in my blog or not, but in case I do, I just want you to know that I am not the wonder woman I wish I was or that I try to appear to be.  I’m just Laura, with a really long to-do list and not much checked off, and I really do have stringy-not-freshly-washed hair.  Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow (the hair part, I mean).

That being said, here is my Freezer Cooking Plan from last week.  I’m not posting this to say “I don’t have much energy, but here are all the things that I got done.”  But I figured since I did get this done last week, I may as well post it.  In my last post, I said I was going to be giving you a four week cooking plan, and I kicked it off with breakfasts.  So here is how it went last week, I hope that my little plan can be helpful to you, and if you are looking for more, then there are is a whole internet world of blogs filled with women more together than I.

If you are interested in my Freezer Cooking Plan for Breakfasts, you can read it here.

Just as a quick recap, my series was supposed to be how to get a whole bunch of freezer cooking done in just an hour a day for a month.  My series comes to an end here, at the second week.  But if you are interested in freezer cooking, just let me say, it’s way easier than it looks and it’s pretty easy to get a little extra put away in an hour or less each day.

Here was last week’s plan:

Monday: Sit and think about cooking (the easiest thing I’ve ever checked off my to-do list!).

Tuesday: Continue to think about cooking, finally feel ambitious enough to write out a cooking to-do list.

I love the book "Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer." The recipes are so yummy, and each recipe is written out for a normal batch, and for more multiple batches. You can see here that I listed out the recipes that looked good to me, and then I starred the ones that I decided on making. On the side of my page is my grocery list.

Wednesday: Made two pizza crusts

I have spaghetti sauce on the shelf and cheese in the freezer for easy assembly when I go to use the crusts.

Thursday: Made BBQ beef in the crock pot and hamburgers.  Crock pots are so amazing.  I found some ideas on Pinterest for freezer meals for your crock pot, where you assemble all the ingredients put don’t actually cook anything.  Then on the day you decide to use the meal, you just pull the ingredients out of the freezer and throw in your crock pot.  Looks amazing!  I don’t have a plan for accomplishing this right now though…

BBQ Beef. A lot yummier than it looks here!

Hamburgers. I shaped them, and then froze the uncooked patties on a cookie sheet, then put them in a ziplock for future use.

Friday: Made meatloaf.  Most people have an aversion to meatloaf, and I can’t say it’s my favorite either, but this particular recipe looked really good (it has cheese in the middle!), and it was really easy.

So I got about ten meals made.  Not quite as much as I had hoped, but it’s something!  These meals were really easy and most of them took less than an hour to put together.  If you haven’t freezer cooked before, I totally recommend it, it’s not as hard or an overwhelming as it seems!  Happy Cooking.

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One Response to Freezer Cooking Plan-Dinners, and a Confession

  1. Aimee says:

    Laura, these freezer meals look great! I think all your hard work now will definitely pay off when your new little one arrives. I wish we were closer to be able to bring you some hot meals!
    I totally get what you said about your to-do list and wanting to get more done. I don’t know how some of these blogger moms do it! There are plenty of days when I don’t get accomplished nearly what I hope to and I have a two-year-old and am not pregnant. I guess we just have to give our best effort and then give ourselves grace. The other thing I’ve been learning in the last few years is that taking time to rest is not a bad thing. I have a tendency to make myself go, go, go and not take time to rest, reflect, and allow myself to just veg out for a little while.
    Thanks for sharing! I hope to see you soon!

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