My Little Business Project

Well here it is!  I post this with a little bit of fear and trepidation, but I have to make the step sometime if I am going to move forward.  Since I quit my job a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a little home business enterprise, and I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on.  Also, I need help coming up with a name, so on Friday, I will be taking business name suggestions, and if I choose your idea, I have a prize for you!

Since I quit my job the first time last year, I have been wanting to make some money at home.  I’ve thought and thought about what to do, I worked on some samples, and I even started purchasing some fabric.  But somehow, I just didn’t feel like God was opening the door for me to move forward on my projects.

About three weeks ago I felt like God said, “Okay, time to quite your job (I went back to work last fall) and get started on your projects.”  I was very excited to feel the go-ahead, but also very nervous, as I find it so much easier to dream about ideas than to carry them out.  But I feel like God has really encouraged me step by step, and so I’ve felt more excitement than fear as I’ve moved forward.

My project plan is to make baby gift sets of three burp cloths, a receiving blanket, and a security blanket.  Here are some pictures:

Some of the fabrics I'm using

Some of the fabrics I'm using

A large, double sided receiving blanket. I'm working on another receiving blanket which will have ric rac around the edges and applique. My eventual goal is to applique all of the items in the baby gift set.

I dyed burp cloths to coordinate with my fabric. I love the dyed burp cloths because the colors will hide stains and spit up better than white burp cloths, and they are so colorful and happy!

The burp cloths aren't finished yet, but this is a sample of what it will look like! The color of the burp cloth here looks kind of dull, but it's actually a nice bright green. I couldn't get the color to show up very well, I need to refine my photography skills.

A double sided minky blanket. I made these for the purpose of becoming a security blanket or lovey and I also tried to make it a nice size to tuck around baby in the car seat.

Right now I have almost all the receiving and security blankets finished, and I have to get the burp cloths finished off.  I also need a name for my little business!  I thought of “BlanketsToGrowBy” but it doesn’t really have a nice ring to it.  I’ve had the word “joy” in my head, but I can’t think of anything past the term “bundle of joy” and “bundle of joy” just doesn’t feel very original.  I’m not taking name ideas now, but I will on Friday, so be thinking and if I choose your name you can win a prize (which I will also announce on Friday).  I’d love to hear your ideas!

Mama's LIttle Helper

As I’ve been working on the project, I’ve also been learning how to better manage my time and time with a little one, soon to be two little ones.  A few things I’ve learned are: 1)pray, I’m not going to get anything done without God’s help, 2)make my sewing room as toddler proof as possible so that Job can play in there with minimal interruptions (as in: “Aaahhh no Job, not the pins!”), 3) work in small stages taking breaks to play with Job, and 4) set a goal for the day, such as “finish two receiving blankets.”  BUT, if you have any more suggestions on how to work around two little kids, I’d love to hear them!  You can post them in the comments section, I’m taking those ideas TODAY!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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4 Responses to My Little Business Project

  1. Natalie says:

    I think you are doing awesome Laura!! Some ideas of how to work with two kids… 1) My craft table is in the same area that we all hang out so Daniel will play easily when I work most of the time until he wants to help! 2)Have a small part of the table open for Job to be able to sit on a chair and watch you or color! I’ve had many times where Daniel will be coloring on one chair and Lydia will be sitting in her bumbo up on another chair when they just want to hang out beside me. 🙂 3) Take full use of the times when they both might be napping and work on your projects then! 4) Put Job in his high chair beside you and let him color or do some painting or something in that while you work… he gets his fun activity time at the same time you do! 5)Set realistic goals or it will just feel like you never get stuff accomplished! :o) I’m excited for you and excited to see what you do! I LOVE my burp cloths you made, by the way!

  2. amber slaughter says:

    I LOVE Your color combos They look great!!! esp the orange combo

  3. marilynmoll says:

    I LOVE the fish.whale,animal fabric. I would pair it with not only green, but blue and pink as well.
    I like one side of a receiving blanket to be solid and one solid a print. LOTS of options with the pretty/graphic fabrics.

  4. Cool ideas! I hope you are very successful 🙂

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