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Freezer Cooking Plan-Dinners, and a Confession

Now that I am 9 months pregnant, I can definitely feel my energy starting to wane.  Actually, not starting to wane, more like, I am coming to grips with the reality that my energy has been fading for the past … Continue reading

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Freezer Cooking Plan-Breakfast Foods

As my baby’s due date creeps closer and closer, I am reminded how after a baby is born, I don’t feel like doing anything except sleeping!  So I have been trying to work on getting some extra food in the … Continue reading

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And We Have a Winner!

I know this announcement is very late…but at least it is still Monday!  Today was one of those days where I was reminded that as much as I try/wish/want to be SuperMom, I am not. Thank you so much to … Continue reading

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Business Naming Contest!

Here it is!  I’m ready to accept name ideas for my business project! Also, here is my first finished set of burp cloths, receiving blanket, and security blanket! I have a boy set in the works, another girl set, and … Continue reading

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My Little Business Project

Well here it is!  I post this with a little bit of fear and trepidation, but I have to make the step sometime if I am going to move forward.  Since I quit my job a few weeks ago, I’ve … Continue reading

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