Activity Plan Week 4

I’m sorry this post is so late…it’s not very helpful to have an activity plan for the week come half way through the week.  But here it is, the fourth and final plan in my series!  If you have missed the other weeks, you can check them out here:

Activity Plan Week 1, Activity Plan Week 2, Activity Plan Week 3

Now that I have a four week rotation of activities, I plan to work on collecting more activities to go with each activity category.  As you know, children at this stage are developing so fast, and so I’m sure that I will need to have some new activities to replace “outdated” activities in the next few months.  Hopefully though, many of these activities will last for at least a little while.   As I collect activities, I will post and share them with you!  You can also find me on Pinterest and view all the toddler activities I’ve been pinning.

Here are some pictures from last week:

Playing with edible finger paint. Job had fun, but it definitely wasn't a "free time" activity, as he was finished in about 10 minutes, and then crawling around the floor with goopy hands. One day I'll learn that toddlers have very short attention spans!

This was the mail box drop activity. Job is too young to understand how to slide a piece of paper through a small space, so I cut a larger hole for him to just drop toys through. He liked that!

Working on a Valentine's Day project. I gave him a paintbrush because I've found that this helps the activity last longer, rather with finger painting, they are done in just a few minutes.

Dad and Job watching monkey videos on YouTube. Job was so fascinated!

And here are this week’s activities (underlined activities have a link attached to them).  Happy Activiting!


Here is a whole PDF of active songs for young toddlers.  There were so many fun ones, I couldn’t choose just two, so take your pick!

Kitchen Time:

Paper Fun: This activity looks like it will definitely need some supervision, but will hopefully keep a little one entertained long enough to get some cooking done!

Baked Cotton Balls: I must be feeling brave this week because it seems like I keep choosing some “questionable” activities.  This activity looks like a lot of fun for a toddler, though maybe a bit messy for mom.  I plan to give him one of his play hammers and have at it on the kitchen floor


Truck Painting: This activity looks like it could either be a lot of fun, or a big mistake.  Have your toddler roll toy trucks through a plate of paint, and then roll it on a big piece of paper.

Berry Painting: I plan to blend some frozen fruit I have and then see what Job does with it.  He may end up just eating it, either way, hopefully it will keep him busy for a little bit!

Structured Time:

Duplexes-build towers together

Barn Yard-Job loves the little barn and animals that Gramma gave him for Christmas

Trike Push-trying to encourage Job to walk with me last week didn’t go so well, he just let go of my hands and took off crawling.  I guess crawling works for him so he doesn’t see a reason to improve!  But the little trike that he showed relatively little interest in a few weeks ago, he suddenly loves to push around.  So we can go downstairs in our basement and push it around in a big open space to work out some energy and get some practice walking.

Unloading the Dishwasher: Last week when I was unloading the dishwasher Job began handing me the utensils.  He helped me unload all the silverware, and then I handed him the dirty silverware to put back in.  He loved it!  So I’m going to try encouraging him to continue to help me unload the dishwasher and see how it goes.  Maybe we can get some structured time in and a chore at the same time!

Free Play Activities (these are activities that will hopefully require very little supervision from you but keep your little one occupied for a little while):

Cotton Ball Play: Fill a bowl up with cotton balls and let your toddler throw them, pull them apart, mush them into a cup etc.

Painting with Water: Fill one or two tupperware containers with a little bit of a water, add some food coloring, and set them on a linoleum or tile floor with a paintbrush.  Let your toddler paint the floor.

Rice Sensory Tub: Job loves to let the sand at the park sift through his fingers, so hopefully this activity will be a fun replacement.

Stay tuned for a post on Thursday on how to make your own yogurt.  This was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done!

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One Response to Activity Plan Week 4

  1. Janet A. says:

    What a lucky kid and a creative Mom. Kudos to you, Laura for locating and arranging all these activities. I love the photos!

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