Activity Plan Week Three

Sorry this blog is a day late!

Here are some pictures from last week’s activities:

Wipe Pull-sadly this activity was not a winner! Job couldn't have been less interested.

Watching "Signing Time." I don't know if Job is actually learning something from these videos yet, I guess it will take a few weeks to find out.

Just a quick recap in case you haven’t read my previous blogs: I’m working on putting together a four week schedule of various activities for Job.  I’ve selected several categories to rotate throughout the day, and within each category are some activities I’ve picked out to do during the week.  My goal is to alternate between spending 15 minutes of play time with Job, and taking 30 minutes to work on housework, projects, cooking, sewing etc.  Sometimes Job is happy to play by himself for 30 or more minutes, and other times he is just not impressed when I try to get some work done.  It’s a continual learning process, both for Job to learn to play by himself, and for me to not get overly focused on projects.

Here are this week’s new activities to add to the last two weeks.  At the end of my blog I have the descriptions of all my categories listed in case you aren’t familiar with them yet.  Hope these help!

Here are some new activities for this week:

Kitchen Play:

Ball Drop: Give your toddler a paper towel roll and some small balls.  Use the towel roll as as chute for the balls!

Box  Nesting: Take miscellaneous boxes and nest them inside each other.

Cracker Crunching: Very clever idea to take advantage of your toddler’s natural instinct to make a mess!


Do You Know It’s Cleanup Time?Cleaning up is a skill that Job is learning, so I decided that we should learn a song that he can associate with cleaning up his toys.  This song is from the book “The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities”

Sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Do you know it’s cleanup time,

Cleanup time, cleanup time?

Do you know it’s cleanup time?

So everyone come and help.

It was fun to work and play,

work and play, work and play.

It was fun to work and play

And now it’s time to say…

Do you know it’s cleanup time,

Cleanup time, cleanup time?

Do you know it’s cleanup time?

So everyone come and help.

I HAVE A LITTLE BODY– from the website

I have a little body (Point to self)
That belongs to me.
I have two ears to hear with (Point to ears)
And two eyes to see. (Point to eyes)

I have a nose for smelling (Point to nose)
I have a mouth to eat. (Point to mouth)
I have two hands to wave
At everyone I meet! (Wave hands)


Since Valentine’s Day is coming, here are some fun Valentine’s crafts to make with a toddler.  Idea: adapt crafts to make into cards to send to grandparents!

Structured Play:

Take pictures and videos with a camera:  Job has gotten so interested in my digital camera.  Whenever I turn it on, he drops what he is doing and investigates!  We have a fun time taking little videos and then watching them on the camera, and looking at pictures already on the camera.

Work on a Skill: Perhaps there is a skill you would like to work on with your child.  During structured play time, this is a good opportunity to find a fun way to practice that skill.  For Job, we are going to practice walking.  Yes…sigh…he is 16, almost 17 months and still not walking!  I have informed him that he has two months left to get started, otherwise he will be on his own when I have to walk from the car to the store or the house.

Bead Stringing: – this activity uses a cut-up Styrofoam pool noodle.  I found one at the thrift store the other day for .75 cents!  Job isn’t old enough to string the “beads” onto a rope by himself, but with some help he can bead them onto a rod.  My hope is that after some practice, he will be able to start stringing these on his own so that this activity can become a kitchen play time activity.

Free Time: Now that I am no longer working (working outside the home that is!), I’m finding that I need to create some more structured “free play” activities to try to direct Job’s attention to, for at least part of the 30 minutes.  I doubt that any activity would keep his attention for a full 30 minutes.  I found these activities, I hope a few are winners!

Cookie Sheet Slide

Diaper Mail Box

Edible Finger Paint-made from just plain yogurt and food coloring!  If there is one thing that will keep Job’s attention, it’s eating.

Jello Exploration-this activity uses jelly, though I think the author may be referring to jello, not quite sure.  Regardless, I plan to adapt this activity using plain gelatin and some food coloring.  Should be fun!

Categories to Cycle Through:

Free Play: this is when I just let Job do his thing.  I plan to set out a particular toy to direct his attention to, but he isn’t limited to that toy.

Book Play: Job and I sit on the floor and look through books together.

Toy Box Play: I divided Job’s miscellaneous toys into various boxes.  Each day we can pull out a different box.

Kitchen Play: This is a structured activity for Job to do in the kitchen with me while I work on cooking dinner and washing dishes.

Living Room Time: This time is actually just for the evening, the time between dinner and bed time.  I plan to let part of the time be free play, then singing songs, reading a bed time story, and then getting ready for bed.

Structured Play: this is play time for Job and mom.  As Job gets older, this time can become more educationally focused, such as counting and learning to write letters.

Outside Time: this can be just letting Job crawl around our yard (which he loves to do!), go to the park, or take a walk.  For me, outside time is very important, so even though it can be kind of time consuming to get jackets on and drive to the park, it’s so good for kids to be outside, get some fresh air, and run off some steam.  Besides, they love being outside!

Singing: singing songs with actions and movement.

Art: more structured play time for Job and mom to do together, with a focus on art.

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2 Responses to Activity Plan Week Three

  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing again, Laura! I need to work some more songs into our days, that’s for sure! I love the ones you shared today! I keep forgetting Valentine’s Day is coming just around the corner – I’ll definitely add making cards to his weekly activities in the next few weeks! AND, I’ll definitely have to be looking for some cheap swimming noodles because that’s an awesome beading activity! Daniel does awesome with puzzles and fine motor type things (he loves doing that more than more other activities, for some reason), so we were going to try some types of beading activities soon to see how he does with that… I like that idea in case he can’t do the smaller things yet! Another idea that helped him with his fine motor skills a lot was the dried spaghetti pasta and the spice container – having them put the pasta through the holes and dumping them out again and again. Daniel LOVES this! :o) Just an idea for Job!

  2. Aimee says:

    Laura, these activity plans are great! You have come up with some wonderful things to do with Job. I love the idea of making four weekly plans and then alternating them. I’m sure these things will come in very handy as you welcome your new little one, too. You’ll have some go-to activities that Job can do while you feed and take care of the baby. Thanks for sharing!

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