Activity Plan Week Two

I hope that last week’s blog was helpful to those of you who have toddlers! I really enjoyed my new “schedule.” Since I knew I would be taking time to play with Job, I didn’t try to cram so much into my day. I felt like I was able to find a more healthy balance between getting my to-do list done and spending quality time with my son. Here are some highlights from the week:

Job wasn't very interested in dropping the pony beads into the glass jar like the original activity called for, but he really liked dropping them into the muffin tin and moving them around from hole to hole.

Job enjoyed playing with the colored pasta. In this picture he is helping put the pasta away from the cookie sheet where I had been drying my newly dyed pasta.

I’m a huge believer in “not re-inventing the wheel”. So I don’t have a new activity for each activity category lined up, just some a few new ones to add to the ones from last week. That way you can keep things fresh and new while still using favorite activities from last week. If you missed the details of my new activity plan from last week, you can read it here.

Here are some new activities to add to last week’s list.

Kitchen Play Activities:

Activity Box: This looks like a creative use for miscellaneous objects around the house.

Wipe Box: Make a long rope out of fabric scraps, stuff into a wipe container, and let your toddler pull it out! This blog idea says to sew the scraps together, but I think you could probably also tie the scraps together if you don’t feel like sewing. I also saw another idea where you put lids through the wipe hole. Two activities in one!

Structured Play Time:


Toss balls into a box

Pretend Play-pretend with Job’s stuffed animals, get them dressed, give them a bath, feed them dinner, read them a story, etc

Picture Albums and Animal Books-look through picture albums, focusing on pictures of mom, dad, and Job. Also, look through animal books and practice making animal noises. I read one blog where the author swore that the more you practiced animal noises with your child, the more quickly they caught onto language skills. It’s worth trying! (This activity could also be part of Book Time.)

Free Play:

Since free play should be a free play time, I wasn’t going to “schedule” anything for this time. However, Job has recently begun to catch onto some sign language signs. I have several friends who swear by the Signing Time Videos, and though I’m pretty skeptical of using the TV to teach, if these videos have worked for people, I may as well give it a shot. My plan is to put on a Signing Time Video during one free play time during the day and see what happens.


Dot to dot art tracing “I love you Daddy”.

Songs: here are some new songs to add to last week’s songs

Buzzing Bees

Here is the beehive, where are the bees?
clench fist and bring out fingers quickly one by one
Hidden away were nobody sees
Watch and you will see them come out of their hives,
One, two, three, four, five,
Buzz, buzz, buzz. (tickle child on the buzzes)

Monkeys on the Bed-use stuffed monkey animal as a prop

Five little monkeys jumping
on the bed
One fell off and bumped
his head
Mama called the doctor and
the doctor Said,
” No more monkeys
jumping on the bed!”

Four little monkeys jumping
on the bed, three little monkeys jumping on the bed, (and so on).

Hope these are helpful to you! Post and let me know what activities you tried and how you implemented them to better suit the needs of you and your toddler. Thanks for reading!

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