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Yogurt in a Crockpot plus Ways to Use Yogurt

I was so excited to find out that I could make yogurt in my crockpot!  It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?  Our family eats a ton of yogurt, and I confess to being a bit of a yogurt … Continue reading

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Activity Plan Week 4

I’m sorry this post is so late…it’s not very helpful to have an activity plan for the week come half way through the week.  But here it is, the fourth and final plan in my series!  If you have missed … Continue reading

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Surviving Gloomy Days

Yesterday was a very rough day in the Coble household.  Yes, there are some real stressers in our house right now, Brandon job hunting and anticipating the arrival of a new baby in March.  These things, though, are nothing new, … Continue reading

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Activity Plan Week Three

Sorry this blog is a day late! Here are some pictures from last week’s activities: Just a quick recap in case you haven’t read my previous blogs: I’m working on putting together a four week schedule of various activities for … Continue reading

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Activity Plan Week Two

I hope that last week’s blog was helpful to those of you who have toddlers! I really enjoyed my new “schedule.” Since I knew I would be taking time to play with Job, I didn’t try to cram so much … Continue reading

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Daily Activity Plan for Mom and Job

One thing I struggle with is balancing Job time and Mom time.  I have a tendency to just want to work on my own projects all day and hope that Job will entertain himself.  Job does pretty well playing by … Continue reading

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