Coble Family Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, mostly because things have been so crazy in our home that I’ve felt like my head isn’t screwed on tightly enough to be able to assemble 500 words into an intelligible post.  Things haven’t slowed down in our home, but I guess the craziness will never end, so I have to learn how to think despite the situation!

The past few months have been topsy turvy for us.  Between a blown head gasket on our Subaru, a collision with a deer that totaled our other car, a 3 year old washing machine that just died and left the repair man completely stumped, a broken pair of glasses with brand new $350 dollar lenses in them, and Brandon getting laid off from work, we’ve been treading water.

I’m really amazed at how God has been working things out though.

The mechanic said that it would cost $3000 to fix the broken head gasket on our Subaru, but a friend from church stepped up and offered to help us fix it, and so far it looks like we will be able to get it fixed for less than $1000.  We are truly indebted to our friend’s generosity and to God for his provision through our church.

With our Dodge Intrepid, we have concluded that God must have sent the deer to total our car.  As you may know, Dodge doesn’t make the best cars, and apparently Intrepids are one of their worst cars and one of the most expensive to work on.  As our car just passed the 100,000 mark, we believe that God made it possible for us to collect money on our car to put towards a newer car before we ended up just paying one mechanic bill after another to maintain the car.  We are now the proud owners of a 2002 Ford Expedition, which is quite a bit larger than what we need, but will be really nice to have as our family grows. We received enough money from our insurance agency to cover 3/4 of the cost!

Our new Ford Expedition. When we bought our Dodge Intrepid almost three years ago, we bought it privately and paid $3800 for it. The insurance company gave us a little over $4000 for it!

When I was attempting to get my glasses fixed, I found that most optical places don’t repair broken frames, and since the frames weren’t under warranty, I couldn’t get them replaced.  Thankfully, I was referred to an elderly gentleman who works just part time from him house doing eye glass repair.  He was able to solder my lenses back together for $15.  The solder might not hold for very long, but hopefully it will hold at least until I need to get a new prescription.

Our washer is a more complex issue…after spending $300 on parts and labor on our nice, front loader, the repair man concluded that he didn’t know what the matter was with the machine.  So we went to buy a used washer, but before it got delivered, a friend gave us a washer he had sitting around.  Unfortunately, the company we bought the washer from refused to refund our money and delivered the washer anyway (a complex story and a very aggravating experience).  Now we have two washers, hopefully we can sell the other washer on Craigslist or something.  Needless to say, I’m not quite sure how this situation is working out for the best, but regardless, we are blessed with two washers!

Anyone need a washer?

Brandon just got laid off from his job this past week.  This has been especially hard to take as it came out of the blue.  We traveled to Colorado this summer so that Brandon could work for a company doing GIS work (Brandon is majoring in GIS) and at the end of the summer the company said they were very impressed with Brandon’s work and that they would love to keep him on for as long as Brandon would like.  This seemed like the perfect job for us as Brandon was paid well and could work from home, which fit well into his busy college student’s schedule.

Brandon's "desk" job

This past week his employer sent him an email saying they didn’t need him anymore.  We were confused and Brandon was concerned that they had been unhappy with his work, though as far as he knew they had said nothing to correct him in what he was doing.  So he asked them if he had done something wrong, but they just kind of brushed him aside and told him they needed to hire “professionals”.  We don’t know if Brandon did something to upset the company, or if they are genuinely hiring professionals, but we feel we have done what we can do to remedy the situation from our side. Brandon has always been a hard worker and if there was something he did wrong, he can’t fix it if they won’t tell him.

We know that God has a plan for us, it’s just been really discouraging to have a long string of problems and now to loose such a good job.  I don’t want to be fearful about the future, and it doesn’t help to ask “what if’s”, but I must admit that in the back of my mind there is an anxiety as I think about what could happen next.  Is this the end of our challenges for now or will the mountain we are climbing keep getting steeper?

All these problems make me wonder if we are doing something wrong in our lives, but as I pray, I feel that Satan is mad over something and trying very hard to pull us down.  I keep thinking of the verse in the book of Job where Job’s wife says to him “Curse God and die.”  Satan was trying to discourage Job so that he could get Job to turn him back on God.  But Job persevered in his faith and God took care of him.  I don’t know if that is our situation or not, but that is what keeps coming to mind as I pray.

It is disheartening for Brandon to have to be job hunting again, but at the same time, I feel hopeful that if God has worked out our other problems so well, that this problem will also be worked out.  If you think of us, though, please pray 1) that we would be able to file for unemployment (we have been told that it can be a challenge to get unemployment as a student, and we don’t know if Brandon’s living stipend through the GI bill will hamper things),  2) that God would do a mighty work through this situation and 3) that God would provide a good job for Brandon quickly.  Brandon only has two weeks left in his term, so it would be wonderful if he could find a job over winter break.  Thank you for all your prayers.

God has been teaching me a lot through all of these trials.  But that is a blog for another day.  Thanks for reading!

Watching the snow fall

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2 Responses to Coble Family Update

  1. Ginger says:

    Wow! It is so awesome to see the work that God has already done to provide for you guys. Excited to see what He has in store next!! Praying for you every time I think of you (which is often!)

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