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Hello friends!

Recently I’ve been blog surfing trying to find easy toddler activities, and I’ve been finding myself a bit jealous of some people’s amazingly interesting blogs.  So I decided that I needed to revisit and start maintaining my own blog again.  It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything,  but I’m making a new resolution and hopefully I can stick to it.  After looking at a lot of different blogs, I realized that my blog postings need to be a lot shorter and have more interesting pictures.  So my resolution is to not just blog more, but to make a more readable blog.

Camping at Silverjack Reservoir

So, I guess I should start practicing my resolution!  To quickly update everyone, Brandon, Job, and I enjoyed spending the summer in Colorado.  Brandon worked for a man doing GIS work (Global Information Services, what he is going to college for), and Job and I mostly hung out together while I worked on a few projects.  We had a great time visiting friends and family, going camping, and enjoying beautiful Colorado.  While there, Brandon and I also discovered that we are pregnant, or rather I am pregnant, but for some reason couples always say “we” are pregnant.  I am now 17 weeks along, and we’ve chosen to be surprised about the gender, though Brandon is convinced it will be a girl.

Very clearly positive! Hurray!

Now we are back in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where Brandon is attending Oregon Institute of Technology (he has 3 more years to go).  Brandon is staying very busy with going to school full time, which included a Physics class of doom, working part time for the same GIS firm he worked for over the summer, and doing once a month Army National Guard duty weekends.  He works so hard to support us, I am so proud of him.

At the potholes outside of Grand Junction, Colorado

After being back in Klamath Falls for a week, my old employer, Miss Muffett’s Learning Center, where I worked last year but quit in March, called to see if I could sub for a few days, and I think I’ve been made permanent.  I originally quit mostly because I ached to be at home with Job and I hated the job.  But now that I’ve been back for about two weeks working in a different department and with less hours than last time, things are going better this time around.  I will probably work for a few months so we can save a little extra money, and then return to being at home with Job and our upcoming baby.

17 weeks pregnant! No, it's not twins, just need to work on my ab muscles after this one is born!

Job is now almost 14 months, and he is doing well.  He had some pretty fussy spells for the last few weeks, which Brandon and I, after eliminating various possibilities like fatigue, hunger, and stress, decided that the fussiness was Job exerting his little will, and we’ve begun disciplining accordingly.  Job has been much happier the past few days as he has been learning to “ask” for things and not just cry for them.  This is a huge relief as I was starting to wonder what happened to my happy, smiley baby. He is also a voracious eater, and I guess I’d better get used to another 17 years of feeding a growing boy!

Yes, he ate the whole peach!

Well, there is my family in a 550 word nutshell (my goal was 500 words, I guess I’ll get there).  Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Sadly Nelglected Blog

  1. shawninska says:

    Yay!!! Glad you’re back blogging! Been wondering where you were, and what you were up to!

  2. Janet says:

    Your blog is perfect and I love the photos. You might want to extend your time line for feeding Job……….my “baby” is 27 and still comes home for my enchiladas!! The aspens were beautiful this fall but the freezing temperatures last week have turned it all brown now.

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