March Update

I’m sitting in the local coffee shop drinking a waaaay too chocolaty Mocha hoping I can quickly get some thoughts out before Job starts making his presence known.  He was supposed to be sleeping, but as all mother’s know, baby’s don’t adhere to “supposed to”.

As some of you know, I quit my job last a few weeks ago, and last Friday was my last day.  It seems that having a whole 30 hours suddenly free in my week should allow me to be wonder woman.  But as mother’s also know…and I’m learning…those hours fill up all too quickly!  So instead of getting a blog done at the beginning of the week, I’m trying to eek one in at the end of the week.  That aside, you probably aren’t interested in my lack of organizational skills, so I will move onto (hopefully) more interesting details.

Job turned 6 months on February 23rd and will be 7 months in just a few days.  My baby is so grown up!  He’s sitting, smiling, and eating.  If you read my last blog, you know that I decided to experiment with feeding Job regular foods instead of pureed baby foods.  At first Job just pushed the food around, then he decided to start putting it in his mouth, just kind of tasting it, and then he learned that he could eat these crazy things mom put in front of him.  He took a few days to figure out how to put the food in his mouth AND let go of the food so that he wasn’t gumming food and fingers around.  He hasn’t actually eaten a whole lot yet, he likes to squish foods and get the juice, and then spit out the skin, but slowly he is starting to get the hang of eating the whole kit and kaboodle.  So far he has tried tomatoes, blueberries, oranges, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, strawberries, sweet red peppers, and a little bit of salmon (the salmon received a very decisive gagging reflex, perhaps he is a vegetarian in the making).  We’ve been having fun experimenting, and Job seems to enjoy the process as well.

Brandon finished his second term in college this week, barely surviving the Calculus Teacher of Doom.  This calculus teacher found it beneficial to administer 5 mastery tests to his students, each test consisting of one problem that, unless the student got absolutely perfect, right down to each parenthesis, they failed the test, and thus failed the whole class regardless of their scores on regular tests or homework.  Fortunately the professor allowed the students to retake the tests until they got them perfect, their one saving grace (and also making us question the purpose of the test in the first place)!  Anyway, Brandon managed to pass these tests and is on his way to more intricate forms of Calculus.  Sometimes he tries to describe the things he is doing in Calculus, and he may as well be speaking Greek, because it is all Greek to me.  Brandon has been going to Army National Guard drills once a month, he is currently enjoying the snow and wet this weekend as they do a field exercise.  Brandon also just landed a job at McDonald’s.  Not an ideal job, but one that pays, and also a job that is a good reminder as to why he is in college!  I have forbidden Brandon from eating any of the “food” McDonald’s serves.

And I am adjusting to being at home with Job.  It’s been a little bit difficult this week to adjust to being at home all day.  I like being busy, actually, in all honesty, I find it really easy to find my identity in ‘busyness’ and so now that 30 hours worth of busyness has been stripped away, I have found myself feeling a bit lost.  But I think I’m adjusting and learning to make a detailed to-do list for the day to keep me focused and feel like I have accomplished something with my day.  I have several ideas for how to make some money from home, and now I’m hoping to turn these ideas into reality.  I find it much easier to generate ideas than to carry them out!

This turned into a rather lengthy update, thanks for reading!  As always, I’d love to hear how you and your family is doing!  Feel free to post in the comments or send me an email.

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2 Responses to March Update

  1. Janet Anderson says:

    Enjoyed your blog along with the challenges of motherhood. Believe me, once Job acquires SPEECH, everything will change again. We have put our winter house in El Paso up for sale and plan to move back to CO full time. But as we know: “Man plans, God directs.” Regarding McDonald’s, Brandon~ Work is WORK! Good luck, your strengths will be recognized!

  2. Hannah says:

    lol, Phil does the same thing with trying to explain his classes to me! He is taking a second stats class right now and every time we hear a statistic on the radio he likes to explain how it is probably wrong and how they probably did the study…I try to be interested because I like it when he talks to me about his classes but sometimes I just glaze over. Thanks for writing!

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