Is It a Winner?

K-Love is doing a love story contest where you submit your love story and the winner receives a song written just for them!  So Brandon and I attempted to write our love story.  We had to limit it to 250 words so it is very quick and concise, and of course, missing many important details, but alas, that was all we could fit in!  What do you think, is it a winner?!?

A few months after Brandon asked me out the first time and right before he left for the army. I am on the far right hand side and he is on the far left side.

It’s a good thing God was in charge of my love story!  The first impression of my husband was that he was annoying and obnoxious, partly because I met him during a playful prank war with some of my friends.  Brandon began to hang out with me and my friends, and a friendship began.  One day he asked me out.  I liked him as a friend, but still found him annoying and I declined.

Brandon later joined the army and we began a written correspondence.  I began to see the heart of this man and wondered if I had been wrong.  So I worked up my courage and asked him if he would consider a relationship.  This time I was declined!  Brandon said he enjoyed our friendship, but that he could never like me again in a romantic way.

Later Brandon was deployed to Iraq, and I was preparing to go on an extended missions trip to the Kurdish region of Iraq.  My mother often asked “how will you ever meet anyone to marry over there?”  To which I would reply, “perhaps my prince charming is over there!”

Though in the same country, we were unable to see each other.  A few months after I had been refused, he brought up the subject again, asking if I would reconsider a relationship, saying that feelings for me had begun to reignite.  Nine months later we were married!  I’m so glad that God had a plan I could not thwart!

On a date last Saturday. We went to a basketball game.


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3 Responses to Is It a Winner?

  1. Michelle Brill says:

    I think it will work! I love that you thought he was annoying but then he turned you down. It seems If he was so anoying you would be the one saying no. I am glad that eventually you both agreed because I love Laura and Brandon. I can’t even imagine it any other way.

  2. Natalie says:

    Aaahh, I’m so glad you wrote your love story for KLove’s story! The songs Matthew West writes area amazing (especially the one we used for our wedding). :o) It was great hearing the story again from your words… after living through most of it with you! Y’all were so funny back in the day! Poor Brandon… he liked you so much during those college days! Even I didn’t know you would actually fall in love with him one day and marry! That is… until you started writing him so much while he was in the army! ;o)

    Thanks for sharing, my dear! Love you guys!

  3. Ashley says:

    Amazing, Laura!
    I think your story is so God appointed and I’m also happy like Natalie to have lived with you through it, too. I hope it gets considered. I so knew you were supposed to be together 🙂 I bet the things you found obnoxious and annoying about Brandon really add to your life now. Miss you and love you guys! We should talk soon.

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