Bi-Weekly Update

It seems that despite my best intentions, I can’t get anything posted to my blog on a regular basis.  I aspire, plan, and then fail.  I think that one of my greatest frustrations is making a plan to get something done and then failing to follow through.  So I’ve decided to throw aside my intentions and just get a blog done whenever I can squeeze it in.  Now I don’t have any expectations to live up to and therefore cannot fail!

The last few weeks in the Coble household:

We went to the “big city,” a town called Medford, about 70 miles away.  This town has a mall, a Target, and an Old Navy along with many other wonderfully tempting shops.  We ran a few errands and celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by going out for dinner.

On January 23rd we celebrated Job’s 5 month birthday!  I can’t believe how “old” he is getting.  Right now he is exasperating his mother by mixing up his nap schedule…just when I thought I got his nap schedule all figured out!

Last week I ran out of patience with my job.  I was hired to be an activities coordinator, but this has not come together due to…well to be honest, many factors, too confusing (and probably boring) to recount here.  So instead my job has been simply to supervise kids playing in the afternoons.  Needless to say I’ve not found the experience very enjoyable, and I’m looking into other jobs as well as exploring the possibility of revisiting the original purpose for me being hired.

Brandon has an interview on Thursday for a job supervising juveniles in some kind of state run facility.  I think kind of like a half-way house, but not too sure on that.  He thinks this is a job he’d enjoy so if you think of him, please send up a prayer!  Thanks!

Well I think that is all that is of interest around here.  Have a great day!

(Below is a picture of a sunset we enjoyed the other day!)

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2 Responses to Bi-Weekly Update

  1. Marilyn Moll says:

    Thanks for the pictures of my favorite grandson, son-in-law and daughter. Praying for the job situation.

  2. Noelle says:

    Came across a note you gave me upon my return from China in 2004. It was full of encouraging verses and the promise to have a book club together. I am wishing we would have actually done that! Miss you!

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