Catching Up Again

I had high hopes for posting to my blog several times a week, but since my last blog posting was just after Thanksgiving, I guess I will have to amend my hopes.  Now I am hoping to post weekly!  Since all the holidays are over, I’m also hoping that I can meet my goal.

I will briefly catch you up on all the happenings in the Coble household since Thanksgiving:

-Brandon had two interviews at Staples, but no job yet….Trusting that God will bring Brandon a job at the right time.

-my mom, sister, and brother traveled to Klamath Falls, OR for Christmas!  Their journey was quite long, but we were so blessed to have their company!

-Job turned 4 months old, weighs 14.4lb and is 23 inches long (short and fat!)

-we celebrated Brandon’s brithday, he is officially old (26!)

-we celebrated New Year’s playing games with friends from our church

-we celebrated our second year anniversary on January 3rd!

-Brandon started his second term at Oregon Institute of Technology

-I had a week and a half off from work for the holidays.  Now I am back to the grindstone.  I consider my day successful  if I didn’t kill any of the kids and none of the kids killed each other!

-I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight

I think that is all the important details of the past month and a half!  Thanks for reading.  Hopefully there will be more interesting blogs posts to follow!




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6 Responses to Catching Up Again

  1. Natalie says:

    I love this picture of y’all! :o) So cute! Thanks for the update! I’m excited you are going to be blogging more! I’ve missed reading them!

  2. Michelle Brill says:

    We were just talking about ya’ll at church last night. I don’t remember exactly who I was talking to but I know that we were talking about you. We were saying that we missed you and your little family. I love that you have this blog. It makes me feel like you are just up the road a few miles rather then a few thousand.

    Oh yes I think it was Crystal.

  3. Kelly B says:

    Thanks for the update! Love your picture. Hoping to see you sometime soon!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Love the picture and the updates! Keep developing your writing talent, dear daughter!

  5. Karen Coble says:

    I love the update on your lives, thanks for taking the time to keep in touch. I’ll try to do better. (I have a real aversion to getting on the computer-so my facebook shows.) Hope to do better in the future, maybe 2011 will be a change year for me. Love to you from Colorado.

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