I’ve gotten a bit behind on keeping my blog updated, so this post is a catch-all for the miscellaneous things that have been going on the past few weeks!

I seem to be catching everything that goes around at the preschool I work out, so I’ve “enjoyed” two bouts with the flu, a cold, and just general ickyness.  Since I teach my preschoolers to share, I thought I’d practice sharing at home and I gave the flu to Brandon as well.  Fortunately little Job has remained healthy!

We’ve been told that the last few winters here in Klamath Falls have been relatively mild.  Apparently this is the catch-up-on-moisture winter because it has been snowing for almost a month now!  Before the snow came, Brandon and I were told by several people that the city did an excellent job at snow removal.  But one person announced to us that he had never seen such a poor job of snow removal in a town.  We weren’t sure what to think until the snows came and we discovered for ourselves that Oregon does NOT do a good job at plowing!  We are pretty sure that the plows decide to come out only once the cars have packed down the snow and once it’s past 8 a.m. (I guess snow plow drivers need their sleep too).  So our winter snow driving skills have been put to the test.  Thankfully we have new tires, and our car seems to handle pretty well on skating rinks.

Digging out our car!

On November 23rd my baby turned 3 months old!  He is getting so big, but he is still just a little guy.  He is just starting to fit into some of his 0-3 month clothes!

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Trip to our friends’ home in Lakeview OR.  Our friends, Jaime and Kelly Bacon moved from Colorado to Oregon the day before we moved here!  It’s so wonderful to have two good friends close by!  I helped Kelly finish cooking the Thanksgiving dinner while Jaime and Brandon bonded over video games (they did an excellent job destroying menacing zombies so that we could enjoy our dinner in peace!).  The one thing I don’t like about Thanksgiving is that it seems you spend hours and hours cooking and the meal only lasts 30-45 minutes!  Of course there are left overs, but it just seems that there should be a way to make the meal stretch a little longer.  I’d love any ideas on how to make Thanksgiving Dinner last longer so as to do justice to the hours of labor spent creating the meal!  Please post your ideas below.

Brandon, Job, and I spent two nights at the Bacons.  On Friday, Kelly and I did our “Black Friday Shopping” in Lakeview.  It was pretty simple since there were only about two stores open and we didn’t have any money to spend!  That evening we enjoyed a tri-date with another couple and went to the movie MegaMind.

Kelly showed me some crafts she had been creating to sell at a craft show and I was inspired to try making some Christmas presents.  I have purchased the supplies, now I just need to tackle the project (which shall remain anonymous since some of you will probably be receiving some of the gifts!).

On Saturday we packed up to leave.  Another snow storm had blown in, and Brandon and I were a bit worried about a 90 mile treck home in a blizzard.  But we waited till the afternoon (when the plows were finally out!) and the weather was a bit warm so the roads were not icy, just kind of slushy.  We made it home safe and sound and much refreshed by our fellowship with the Bacons.

Job learning the fine art of "video gaming"

male bonding moments

female bonding moments!

Now that Thanksgiving was over I felt that I could welcome the Christmas season in with open arms.  I cannot bring myself to celebrate anything Christmasy till after Thanksgiving.  If I do, then Christmas is completely worn out before it ever arrives, and it keeps me from enjoying Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday and it receives far too little attention.  Needless to say, though I have welcomed in Christmas, I have done little other than play some Christmas music.  However, today, once I play catch-up with cleaning my house, I am bringing out the big guns!  Stay tuned to hear about budget friendly Christmas decorating ideas!

Thanks for reading and I wish all of you a Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Catch-Up

  1. Richard Coble says:

    Proud to finally see my new addition to the Coble Family LOVE YOU and a very HAPPY birthday!

  2. OG says:

    Merry Christmas my dear ones! Are you all spending Christmas in OR? Or headed to CO? I can’t wait to see you all, perhaps in the summer! Call me, I’d love to hear how you all are doing.


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