It would be much easier to encourage you if you were perfect…

Lately I have been praying “God, please show me how to encourage and support my husband.”  But instead of becoming a better encourager, I found myself growing increasingly annoyed by Brandon’s shortcomings.  For example, Brandon has never been one for details or organization.  I, on the other hand, tend to be much more detail oriented and organized.  So it drives me nuts when I’m the one who sees all the housework that has to be done, bills to be paid, things to be fixed.  Thankfully, if I give Brandon a to-do list, he is faithful to complete the tasks on the list.  But honestly!  How hard is it to see that the laundry basket is overflowing?

Anyway, as I prayed “God, please show me how to love my husband better” I seemed to only take steps backwards as I grumbled and complained about all the things Brandon did that annoyed me.  I found myself praying “God, help me to be an encouragement to Brandon.  By the way, he is really, really, REALLY annoying me!  I don’t know why he can’t by more XYZ….  Please fix my husband.  Amen.”

Alas, instead of fixing my husband, God chose to fix me.  This week, God revealed to me how part of being an encouragement and a support to my husband is overlooking imperfections.  Dwelling on the things that annoy me is the opposite of encouraging.   In fact, part of being an encourager is cheering Brandon on when he is struggling, and supporting him through his trials and imperfections.  I can’t just encourage him when things are doing well because the times we need encouragement is when we are struggling!

Everything would be so much easier if we were all perfect.  But until that day comes, we must continue to strive together, build one another up, and pray that we don’t kill each other in the process!


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5 Responses to It would be much easier to encourage you if you were perfect…

  1. bacon says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me. It is amazing how the ones we love most are the ones we are willing to strike against first. I have been in this place many times and God always gets me back on track. My husband is the love of my life and my bestest friend. Thank you God.

  2. Kelly B says:

    Thanks for posting this, Laura! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the same spot with Jaime, and I still struggle with it still. I’m so grateful that God somehow manages to remain patient with us and heap grace upon our heads until we finally figure it out. I can’t wait to see you this week!

  3. amber slaughter says:

    Still, I am amazed at how funny you are 🙂
    Such a good wife for my little brother; I found a letter he wrote me for my Tres Dias weekend. It was really nice, I don’t know how he wrote such a positive letter for me! I also found a paper from Dec 21st 2003; that was hilarious. It included 2 church #s, a song I wrote and a to-do list. The list said: 1. Call around for apts. 2. No more bad stuff 3.make a necklace and two drawings. Steve said, “you probably wrote this stuff coming out of a black-out on a Sunday morning”. Dec 21, 2003 was a Sunday. Only 7short years ago; feels truly like someone else’s life. Funny.

  4. Richard Coble says:

    Wait until you celebrate your SIXTY SECOND ,then you can laugh at the world!

  5. Linda says:

    Exactly! I feel the same way. I need to be the one to let God change me and see my husband through the Lord’s eyes. God doesn’t get so easily annoyed by him as I do!

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