Date Night

I am falling behind on my blog!  At first my goal was three times a week, and then it became twice a week, and now I’m going for once a week!  It really doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to sit down and write out a few thoughts, but somehow it just doesn’t come together!  I’m so glad that many of my friends are also new moms and understand my predicament!

Last Thursday night Brandon and I went out on a little date.  We have a very sweet neighbor who offers to watch Job once and a while, which is a huge blessing!  Although I confess that since Job has been in daycare, I savor every minute I can have with him, so on our date night last week, I felt half guilty leaving him behind.  But Brandon and I managed to have a good time anyway.

We went to the movie MegaMind.  This animated movie is about a villain superhero who destroys the good superhero.  The villain then doesn’t know what to do with himself and regrets destroying the good superhero.  So the villain tries to recreate a good superhero so that he can have someone to fight again.  This movie was cute, fun, and clean.  I found it refreshing to watch a movie about good versus evil where the evil isn’t so evil.  In many movies about superheros it seems that the evil superhero does terrible things like killing and torturing people.  However, the worst thing that this superhero can think to do is leaving trash on the sidewalk.  This doesn’t make the movie corny, rather refreshing and fun to have a villain who isn’t really a villain, but sure tries hard to be a villain.  I definitely recommend this movie.

Since money is a bit tight right now for me and probably many others, I was trying to think of some cheap date night ideas.  I have a whole list of date night ideas, but these are from pre-baby days.  I was wondering what your ideas were for some alternatives to expensive dinner dates.  Please post your ideas, I’d love to hear them! Some of my ideas were: walk in the park, looking at the stars after the kids are in bed, or taking a shower together (also after the kids are in bed!).

Well I’d better run.  Job has not pooped for several days, and I think I just heard a rumble in his pants which means I probably have several days of poo to clean up off of him, around him…

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One Response to Date Night

  1. Natalie says:

    Haha about the poop! I love what mothers talk about! :o) Lol.

    As for date ideas… What’s funny is I am happy doing almost anything with Scott after not having many date nights with him. Just hanging out at the house with him and watching a movie and doing dinner together is fun if someone is babysitting Daniel at their place. Or, we love driving around the area together and talking! Sometimes we’ll drive to the desert or Monument, park, and talk and talk!

    The park is also a great idea! Hmm… I am not thinking of too many other ideas right now. I really want to go snowshoeing this winter with him during the day sometime. I thought that would be fun!

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