Brandon and I are learning to adjust to the “real world” of two-day weekends. Before Brandon was released from the army, the base we were stationed at was gearing up to deploy their troops to Afghanistan. To give the soldiers some extra time with their family, most units were giving soldiers three and four day weekends. I think that a three day weekend is perfect, because after two days it seems like you are just beginning to be able to relax and suddenly it’s the weekday again.

Two months old! I think he is looking more like his daddy!

We started out the weekend by celebrating Job’s two month birthday! Or at least I celebrated, Brandon refuses to celebrate month birthdays. But I think he does that just to be contradictory because every month on the 19th, I tell him it’s my month birthday so we should celebrate.  But he always says “you can’t celebrate month birthdays!” He has, however,promised me that when we’ve been married for 50 years, then he will celebrate my month birthdays. I just have 48 years and 3 months left to go!

Our friends Jaime and Kelly when we all moved to Oregon last month.

Our weekend was busy. We had some friends, Jaime and Kelly Bacon come into town. They moved from Grand Junction to alittle town east of us at the same time we moved to Klamath Falls. I was encouraged by hanging out with Kelly because she is also having tolearn to transition to living in a new place, making new friends, finding a new job, as well as learning to live on less while we find jobs. Brandon enjoyed hanging out with Jaime who has been his best friend for many years.

I was one of four ladies in my small group who were all pregnant at the same time!

On Sunday we tried another new church, Klamath Christian Center. We have tried five different churches so far. This church was nice, but it didn’t feel like the right place, so we will try another church next week. Each time we try a different church it makes me miss our church back in Tennessee more, especially our small group. I really enjoyed the families in our small group. But I’m sure that God will provide the right church at the right time. It’s just hard to be patient.

Sunday afternoon Brandon spent studying. He has quite a lot of studying to do. He has three, ten week terms during the year, and each term he has at least fifteen credits to fulfill. When I went to college at Mesa State Collge, we just had two, sixteen week long terms to finish 15 credits in. So Brandon is staying pretty busy. It may not work out for him to have a job considering how much homework he has, but we shall see.

And then, the weekend was all over! Brandon is back to school and I have to go back to work tomorrow. It will be my first day back since Job was born. I’m pretty nervous about taking care of Job and working, I’ve really enjoyed just being at home with my baby. But I’m also excited about the job. We shall see.
Hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. Richard Coble says:

    Just stay positive!

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