Welcome to Our Family!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our new blog!  Since it seems that Brandon and I keep moving to places away from Colorado (hopefully one of these days we will be moving to Colorado), we wanted to make a way for us to stay in touch with friends and family.  So our goal with this blog is to post family news.  News can include day-to-day happenings, spiritual revelations, personal struggles, jokes, recipes, activities, and ideas.  So whether you are related to us, friends with us, or just happened upon this site, we hope that you will find something of interest to you!

Also, in case you are new to our family, we consist of myself (Laura), my husband Brandon, and our new baby, Job!  Job is 2 months and counting!  Brandon spent 4 years with the army at Fort Campbell and was just released in August 2010.  We moved to Klamath Falls Oregon so that he could use his GI bill and go to college.  We are hanging loose here till he graduates and then after that, who knows!  The whole world is open to us.

We have been married since January 3rd, 2009 and I can honestly say that our love for each other grows by the day.  We are enjoying our new roles as parents, hopefully our baby is enjoying his role as our son!

Thanks again for reading and please stay tuned!


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One Response to Welcome to Our Family!

  1. Richard Coble says:

    ALWAYS remenber TEXAS is Brandons Home,and will always be wecomed back especially that he has a family!

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